• Wear a Mask in Style. Uncognito. [Sold Out]

The Uncognito.

See Uncognito in Action.

Wear a Mask, Give a Mask

For every Uncognito you purchase, we send you a free non-medical KN95 mask to wear underneath. We also give one to a local charity giving masks to people in need.

Wearing a mask works. It filters out microscopic particles so your lungs don’t have to.

Nasty bacteria and viruses can hitch a ride on those particles to spread through the air, but masks help keep them from spreading between people.

The FDA requires U.S. healthcare workers to wear N95 masks. These are rated to filter 95% of airborne particles. Right now, doctors and nurses are working the front lines in a global battle against COVID-19 and need every N95 mask they can get.

We’ve got a small supply of KN95 masks which are certified in China but not the US. We’re sending one with each Uncognito you order.

How to wear your Uncognito.

Wearing a mask feels uncool and uncomfortable, but your Uncognito can make it a much better experience. Every product is made from silky soft luxury fabric that comes in an array of unique colors and designs. Plus it holds your mask up so that you can wear it without the uncomfortable straps. Pull your Uncognito over your head, put your mask in place, and you’re ready to step out. Uncognito helps you stay protected without sacrificing style.

Fabric & Care

The Company

Uncognito is technical streetwear for the new era. 

Our founder, Pablos Holman, has been inventing technologies and creating products to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. One of today’s most pressing issues is pandemics that can rapidly spread across the globe and threaten our health and safety. Uncognito is just one small but important way to help people to fight the spread of disease.

Our team makes every Uncognito here in our Seattle studio.



Why Uncognito?

Going to work, getting groceries, seeing your doctor… we’re going to need to start wearing masks a lot more often, even for basic activities. Uncognito makes staying safe a bit more cool.

Can I return my Uncognito?

For health and safety reasons, we can’t accept returns, but we do want you to be happy with your purchase. That just wouldn’t be right. If you’re unsatisfied with your Uncognito for any reason, please reach out to us at better@gouncognito.com and we'll take care of you.

Are Uncognito masks N95 certified?

No, the masks we include with your order are not N95 certified safe to wear in U.S. hospitals and other health care facilities. They’re KN95 certified, which is the equivalent certification in China.

How often should I replace my mask?

Good question. A mask is disposable and should be replaced frequently, but how often depends on the environment in which you’re using it.